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Happy Halloween!!!

Halloween DP” 敲敲门 , 招待或捣蛋!“

“Knock knock, treat or trick!”
Happy Halloween everybody

-Yong Chun Chinese Language Center-

Halloween was a popular pagan festival of the dead (Samhain). The ancient Celts celebrated the new year on November 1. They believed that the souls of the dead returned to Earth the night before.

Samhain is Gaelic for “summer’s end,” a day to bid good-bye to warmth and light as day length shortens.

In an attempt to replace this festival, the church moved the celebration of All Saints to November 1. This is the day when all of the saints are honored, especially those who did not have a day of their own. This day was formerly known as Allhallowmas, hallow meaning “holy” or “holy person.” All Saints Day is known in England as All Hallows Day.

The evening before, October 31, is known as All Hallows Eve, the origin of the American word Halloween!

In later years, the Irish used hollowed-out, candlelit turnips carved with a demon’s face to frighten away the spirits. When Irish immigrants in the 1840s found few turnips in the United States, they used the more plentiful pumpkins instead.



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