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English-medium master’s programmes at a glance


As a way of furthering the international status of Xiamen University , the University has launched 11 international postgraduate programmes. All the courses under the programmes are taught in English and are aimed at cultivating high-level international specialists who combine professional expertise with a thorough knowledge of Chinese society and culture.

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Note: Students on international postgraduate programmes are enrolled under their programme. However, their degree awarded will be according to their specific academic field and the relevant regulations.

  • Programme duration: 2 year full-time study
  • Programme commencement: Autumn semester
  • Teaching language : English
  • Minimum viable number of candidates : 5
  • Tuition fee: 36, 000 RMB/ year, 72, 000 RMB in total.
  • Programme of Chinese Culture: 30,000 RMB/year, 60, 000RMB in total.
  • Credits requirements: A total of 24 to 32 credits are required for graduation.

4 core courses giving 3 credits each: 12 credits

4-6 elective courses of 2 credits each: 8 -12 credits

2 compulsory courses giving 2 credits each: 4 credits

For detailed information, please see the “Credit requirements” in each programme.

  • Dissertation:

The dissertation is required for the degree. It should be in a subject, which is important in their area of study, of interest to them, and relevant to their career aspirations.

The dissertation should be written in English, which builds on the taught elements of the programme and allows students to demonstrate the knowledge and the analytical and intellectual skills they have developed during the study.

The dissertation also needs to be of direct practical relevance to their research area. Academic staff provides expert supervision during the period of independent work and during the preparation of the dissertation.

Students will be conferred master’s degree and awarded graduation certificate after they fulfill the credit requirements, complete graduation thesis and complete their degree requirements in the stipulated length.

  • Entry requirements

1. Academic requirements: Prospective students should have a bachelor’s degree or above, or equivalent.

2. English proficiency: Applicants should present a TOEFL certificate with 80 points or above, or an IELTS certificate with grade 6.0 or above, or other certificate of English proficiency from an approved test. Native English speakers and applicants whose university courses are taught in English are exempt from this requirement, but a medium of instruction certificate should be attached.

3. Professional background: applicants with relevant professional experience or other qualifications deemed appropriate to the programme applied for may also be considered.

  • Senior academic staff

The seven schools and colleges involved in the English-medium programmes are all top schools and colleges of Xiamen University, proud of their quality learning and working environment, highly skilled and well-motivated members, and productive partnerships with other schools, colleges and universities worldwide.

The staff teaching on the international master’s programmes are the leading academics in their colleges, who have benefited from extensive study overseas, research or working experience at major universities, research institutes or government departments in many countries and regions including America, Britain, Canada, Australia, the EU, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

Our aim is to deliver outstanding academic and training programmes and provide our students with the professional and innovative skills needed in the modern world, with a commitment to lifelong learning, and the ability to contribute to the communities in which they live and work.

  • Contact Information

Admissions Office

Tel : +86(0)592 2184792 Fax : +86(0)592 2180256

Email: Web:

For detailed information of the programme, please contact the coordinator of each programme.

1. College of Humanities —–Chinese Philosophy (Chinese Culture)

Principal: Prof. Sheng Jia Coordinator: Dr. Zhu Yichu

Tel: +86 (0)592 2185750 Fax: +86 (0)592 2187166

Email: Web:

2. School of Law ——Civil and Commercial Law (Chinese Law)

Principal: Prof. Qiu Dongmei Coordinator: He Ping

Tel: +86 (0) 592 2189092 Fax: +86 (0) 592 2181532

Email: dongmeiqiu@gmail.comWeb:

3. School of International Relations —–International Relations (Asia-Pacific International Relations)

Principal: Prof. Nie Dening Coordinator: Zeng Xiangxuan

Tel: + 86(0)592 2188207 Fax: +86 (0) 592 2186414

Email: Web:

4. School  of  Economics —– International Business

Principal: Prof. Lin Zhiyuan  Coordinator: Jiang  Changhong

Tel: +86 (0)592 2181776    Fax: +86 (0)592 2187708

Email:   Web:

5. Wang Yanan Institute for Studies in Economics—– Finance, Financial Engineering, Western Economics and Quantitative Economics

Principal:  Brett Graham Coordinator: Jiang  Changhong
Tel: +86 (0)592 2188237  Fax: +86 (0)592 2187708
Email:    Web:

6. College of Environment and Ecology—–Marine Affairs

Principal: Prof. Hong Huasheng Prof. Xue Xiongzhi

Coordinator: Ye Liangying

Tel: +86 (0)592 2183833 Fax: +86 (0)592 2181875

Email: Web:

7. College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering——Chemical Engineering

Principal: Associate Professor Xiao Zongyuan Prof. Li Jun

Coordinator: Peng Yajuan

Tel: +86 (0)592 2180184 Fax: +86 (0)592 2184822

Email: Web:

8. College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering——Physical Chemistry ( Electrochemistry)

Principal: Prof. Tian Zhongqun Coordinator: Lin Hui

Tel: +86 (0)592 2183013 Fax: +86 (0)592 2183047

Email: Web:

9. Institute for Financial & Accounting Studies (Accounting, Finance)

Principal: Prof. Qu Wenzhou Coordinator: Xie Ying

Tel : +86-592-2187763 Email:

Web :

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